Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you getting your five?

If you've got a healthy appetite and need to get your five a day (your know, veggies?) in, then check this kit out. Faith True and Laura have collaborated to create 5 a Day. And if you get it this week, you get Faith's 5 a day word art free!

I love this little faces that Jaime's little one makes when eating veggies!

Laura's layout is a great photoless layout!

And Holly went for the same idea, but one loves her veggies, the other, not so much.

Heather loves her tomatoes, that for sure!

Melissa also has great eaters in her family.

Coila sure framed this picture in the cutest way!

And Carrin will be the talk of the mommy boards this week with this layout. How does she get her little guy to eat broccoli? On PIZZA!

Christine's all about the healthy green veg on this layout!

And what a sweet way to use this kit for a layout that's not about food at all!

Carrie's got a great colourful layout going on here, with her veggie loves!

So get your 5 a Day in and maybe try using this kit for a meal planner or a fun kitchen hybrid project!



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