Thursday, May 19, 2011

Need some sunshine?

Isn't it great when Spring finally arrives? The warm sunshine is so appreciate. Well this week Laura's got her own sunshine collab with Penny Springmann! And it is gorgeous! I swoon when I see these colours. Smile, Sunshine is in store now and on sale!

Great "expectations" for Coila!

And Gemma looks fabulous too!

Christine's layout is a great use of splashes of colour on a cardstock paper.

And Melissa's clustering always leaves me looking at the little details. Great work!

Creative cropping by Carrin shows off these fun tights using a striped background!

Heather always has a different approach, and I love her use of this cheery kit to talk about cheering someone up!

And I love how Holly used a soft photo treatment on her pics to give her layout a soft feeling.

Carrie's layout just pops with colour! It's as bright and sunny as that smile!

I love Jaime's layout and that sweet sun hat!

Yolanda's girls have great smiles, don't they?

Aren't these too sisters just the sweetest? I love the cropping that Laura used.

I know that's a lot of layouts, but they all had something different to contribute and this kit deserves that many looks! Get to Laura's store today to pick it up!



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