Monday, May 23, 2011

In the Spotlight: Jenn B.

Today I'm spotlighting one of my freelance layout artists and good friends, Jenn Barrette of Jenn Barrette Designs at Sweet Shoppe :)

Name: Jenn Barrette

Age: 28 years old

Location: Ontario, Canada

When you started digi-scrapping: I am an ol'timer, I have been doing it digi style since 2006.

How long you've been on the team: I have been chillin' with Laura for a few months, but I have been stalking her designs much longer :)

Fave LB kit: Scene Queen

Fave non-LB designer: All my CT teams rock my socks off. I refuse to play favorites!

Who else do you CT for: Valorie Wibbens, Emily Merritt, Lauren Grier, Sahlin Studio, Misty Cato, Lauren Reid, Fizzy Pop Designs and The Tattered Pear. I also freelance for Micheline Martin, and Ju Kneipp.

Random fact or tidbit about yourself: I like to add "-irrific" to random words. Ex. Laura is a fab-irrific designer.

Holla! Since Jenn is a freelancer (ahem ;) ), I was only able to find one layout to show you ;) I think we need to remedy this, Jenn! ;)

Using Scene Queen

I grabbed a few more layouts from Jenn's gallery at SSD to show you, they're linked for full credits so you can check them out for yourselves :)



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