Thursday, March 24, 2011

3D Canvas Art {hybrid}

Hey!!!  It's Amanda here, long time, no see, with another hybrid project.  I am in love with the way this one turned out. The inspiration for this came from browsing & pinning a million (okay, well maybe not 1 million, but a whole bunch) new ideas at Pintrest. I hope to bring some awesome inspiration to you.
First lets gather some supplies.  For this project I'm using one of the newest releases "Garden Whimsy" with Molly DeCrow. It was just perfect for the idea I came up with.

So a digital kit, a blank 8x10 canvas (I bought a 2-pack, so I have an extra for another project later), small piece of foam core, some modge podge, hot glue, glitter, colorful sharpie type markers, paint & brushes, and a pencil.

Start off in your editing program of choice, I'm using PSE. Create a new image that is 8"x10". This is going to be where we design our actual canvas, keeping in mind which parts will be made using other items.
For this I had it planned that I was going to paint around the outside with red & really wanted to use the super cute frame in the kit, that that became the shape I would use. Remember, not to shadow the elements because we'll be cutting them out anyways.

This is what my digital canvas looked like before I printed.  We will actually print a couple of different times. 1st turn on the red painted layer & the background layer, we'll use those in a minute.  You should have a plain white canvas & all the elements on top, print that once regularly & once in mirror.  Once that is done, hide all the layers except for the background paper & print that seperatly.

Once printed, cut out all the elements on the page that is printed normally, remember to leave the exterior frame intact so you can use it as a stencil to paint the edges. Trim up the background paper.
Once everything is cut out, modge-podge the heart & sun to the small piece of foam core & set aside to dry.  While they are drying coat the canvas with a generous coat of modge-podge, apply the background paper, this should cover the entire canvas. Press it down firmly, you may have to flip it over & rub it on from the inside to smooth out a few air bubbles.
Once the modge podge is dry on the paper, it doesn't take too long for the top. Set the border stencil you cut out on the canvas & trace around it. You are marking the areas to paint now.  You can also cut out the sun & heart now, it takes a few extra minutes, the foam isn't the easiest to cut, but it helps to use a SHARP crafting knife.

Paint around the edge of the frame, don't forget to do the wrapped edges as well, it may take 2 coats of paint to cover well. Let it dry for a few hours or, if you're like me & waiting until the kids are in bed to do projects leave it to dry until morning. 

Once it's dry, take a thick sharpie & outline the border; using as smooth of a stroke as possible.
Now, it's time to put the text from the digital canvas onto our fun art project. This is where we use the mirror image & get out a little aggression by scribbling over the text you want to copy. Come on scribble good, you know it feels good to get that out.
Okay, now flip it over & position it over the canvas, making sure it's centered & lines up with what you've already got on the canvas.  Use the pencil & trace over the areas you previously scribbled on the reverse side. (you may need to hold it up to the light or use thin paper when you print.
Using some more modge-podge attache the Y and the U in their positions. Take a red sharpie & trace over the text you just transferred over from the paper. Use a blue one to make the little flowers.  We're almost done. Now for the 3-D part. Take some hot glue & those foam core pieces you cut out, oh so long ago, & glue them into their correct places.

There you have it, a completed 3-D art canvas to hang on the wall.

I hope you're inspired to go create some awesome art!!!



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