Thursday, February 9, 2012

LB's Gallery Standouts 2/9/12

Hey, guys! Me again :) I love taking the time to peek at my designer gallery at Scrap Orchard when I have a few minutes to take it all in...not only is it awesome to see the products that I making being used by other people in such creative ways but it also gives me an idea of what products my customers really like and are using. Enough of my yip yapping, on to the standouts!

Love this page by ScrapKat. The multi patterned background rules, and I really love how she added doodled elements right on top of her picture.

This page by SugarPieScraps has some seriously awesome shadow work, as well as a super adorable photo at center stage :)

Last pick for this week is this fantastic white space layout by navaja77. Not only does the white background make the rest of the layout pop, but I'm a big fan of pages that mix products. It really tickled me that she pulled from her LB stash to create this awesome page!


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