Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sneak Peek & Chance to Win!

Think you can take a guess at the theme this week? ;)

Want a chance to win it?? Head on over to the Scrap Orchard forum to enter before Thursday morning :)


Michelle said...

I just found this kit released and I really like it, but I am curious about why it has levels of Cub Scouts (Tiger, Bear, etc.) but not levels of Boy Scouts (Second Class, First Class...etc...Eagle) because my son started Scouts as a Webelo, I would love to have a kit with Boy Scout levels in it. Do you think you might make one that is similar but mainly Boy Scouts instead of mainly Cub Scouts? (I know this has some Boy Scout pieces in it...but most of it is Cub Scouts)

Laura said...

Hi Michelle :) The reason is that this is my son's first year, and usually my designs are inspired by my own experiences...I'd love to make a kit for the older boys as I gain more knowledge :)


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