Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Teamy Talk: Week 1 {Just Hangin' Out}

Hi scrappy friends! This week's teamy talk is just for fun :) I have a lot of super fun girls on my team...and decided to toss this gem out there. I asked the team if they had the chance to hang out with all the LB CT girls...where would we go and what would we do?? Grab some popcorn, LOL!

Yo: We'd go to NYC, get a huge suite in some kick-ass hotel and party like the rockstars we all are! \m/

LeeAndra: Oh, it would definitely have to involve Vegas, the Strip, alcohol, cell phone pictures, killer cocktail dresses, and a hangover in the morning! *lol*

LB: owow! :)

Jamie: We'd all be on a beach in our cute bikinis, with handsome, tanned cabana boys taking care of our every wish. The hot sun, loud music, lots of drinks, tons of yummy food! We'd dance the night away!

Heather: i would go directly into holly's pants. i would not pass go. and i would not collect $200. ;) And LB's!!

Holly: Gosh I think no matter where we go, if this whole crew was together it would be EPIC. We for sure be kicked outta wherever we are. Especially if Heather jumped in my pants! ;)

LB: umm jamie. don't think the rest of us are hot in bikinis like you are, skinny bish. ;) heather, no comment! ;)

Melissa: Jamie will be in a bikini by herself is all I know, ha! But since I love the beach, even if I don't look good in a suit lol, I say we all go to LA, party like rock stars, and get matching tats! Woot!

Christine: ok so we meet up at a huge cabin on a lake and just talk and laugh and eat and drink and then in the morning have a huge breakfast with loads of coffee and pastries and bacon and then hang out on the lake all afternoon and then it is dinner time with more food and drinks and then maybe we all go to a place that has go karts and have a blast...I guess in reality it would not really matter where we were as long as we were all together :)

JennB: I don't think it would really matter where we went, there would be uncontrollable laughter, bodily fluids, and general fun/debauchery!

LB: Brynn, you had me at 'bacon'. Jenn, what. the.

Yo: And by "Brynn," LB really meant "Christine." LOL @ bodily fluids o.O

LB: dude, i wasn't even drunk when i typed that.

Yo: Just a brain fart. I get them more often than I care to admit. Pretty sure it's a sign of old age. Just sayin'

Holly: Love it!

Carrin: I'm gonna say Australia...we could hang out with dingos, wallabies and the like. Maybe we'll even find a nice, cute bushman to call our very own!

Coila: I'd say Disneyland! My favorite place with some of my favorite girls!!

Brynn: hahaha....I do love bacon though. In fact my new favorite way to cook it is first it has to be the thick kind...then line a baking sheet with foil....lay out the bacon...sprinkle it with brown sugar then pop it in the over...soooo yummy. Anyhow am I too late to answer...I thought I already did but I guess not. Since we have a yougin on the team (aka Livy) I would say maybe Disney...that way if we had to bring kids we could all hang out together during the day gettin our Disney on...then we would have a built in babysitter for the night :)

Holly: Brynn i like that idea... lol not sure if Livy would! LMAO!

LauraW: we should all meet in my backyard! :P

Hope you had fun reading ;) I know at least a handful of my girls are coming to Digiscrapapalooza next year, so we always have that! :)

***There was only one reply to July Week 3, so our winner is Intense Magic! Please email me at laura @ to claim your $10 coupon to my shop! :) ***


Jenny McDonald said...

this makes me want to be on your team! so much freaking fun! and yum... bacon...

Crystal said...

lol You guys are nuts! Love it! Now I have a craving for bacon and to get into someone's ;)


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