Monday, June 13, 2011

In the Spotlight: Amber

Name: Amber Kazmir

Age: 36 years old

Location: Austin, TX

When you started digi-scrapping: lets see....I believe I've been digi scrapping for over 7 years now.

How long you've been on the team: Um...I honestly can't remember. I think at least 6 months but could be longer.

Fave LB kit: 8 bit world - This kit just makes me happy. I always loved Mario brothers when I was growing up and now my 2 boys are really hooked on Super Mario Bros.

Fave non-LB designer: Its really hard to chose who my favorite non-LB designer is. I already CT for some pretty awesome ladies but if I had to chose it would be Meg Mullens and Traci Reed. They definitely get the majority of my moola.

Who else do you CT for: Heather Roselli, Tracey Howard, and Jennifer Fox

Random fact or tidbit about yourself: Laura and I have known each other online for over 4.5 ish years now. We met when we were both pregnant with our 4 year olds. I remember when Laura started out making her siggies for peeps in the different forums. I feel like such a proud mama to see how awesome a designer she has become! Rock on LB!

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