Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hybrid Paper Bag Album by Laura

Hey peeps! I finally worked up the courage to complete the hybrid paper bag album for Sweet Shoppe's June Portfolio, and I'd like to share it with you! I'm not a hybrid chick in the least, but this was so easy to make, made easier by putting it together after my house was asleep :P

Here was the challenge:
Create a paper bag album with a minimum of 3 paper bags (6 double-sided pages). These little albums are great because not only are they easy, they can be expanded to fit your needs too!

Your album can be on any topic you like, but keep in mind that the bag halves form natural pockets for storing mementos so they lend themselves perfectly to travel albums or mini-school days books! Don't skip this challenge because you're afraid of hybrid - you can do it! Here's some amazing inspiration...

Learn How Here, Here or Here.

I used my collabs with Lauren Grier and Shawna Clingerman together in this project. You can find them here:

And my finished result:

Supplies: 4 paper 'gift' bags (4/$1 at Walmart), glue runner, ribbons, hot glue, cardstock, printer, buttons, scissors, paper cutter, hole punch

You can see all of the pockets here, held closed by some nifty ribbon I found in my 'box o random craft stuff'.

And here, a view of the pockets opened up a bit.

Top view, where you can see I used some little pieces of foam to raise a couple elements and alphabets.

Now I'll let you take a gander at some of the inside pages. Each of my 'layouts' were 4x4in, but could have been a bit larger if you wouldn't like the extra border around the edges.

Last minute, I decided to toss together a little makeshift pocket, and it actually worked out okay!

And above, you can see all of the stuff I'm able to stick into the album. I also had an extra little 'page' that didn't make it into the book, so I just stuck it in the very back pocket. Kind of a cute little 'stat' card.

Go forth and cut some paperz! :)


Anonymous said...

Laura, you rocked this. LOVE IT!


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