Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guest shop revealed! And... some winners?

I'm a doof and apparently can't pay close enough attention to my calendar to see that my guest shop was to be revealed TODAY rather than tomorrow :) I'm not sure I could have held it in much longer anyways! ;)


*fangirl scream* !!! Are you excited?! I am!
For as long as I can remember, I've loved the overall style and atmosphere that Scrap Orchard has to offer. I couldn't be more happy to be joining them this month!

You can see my brand new release below:

Sugar, Sugar
Available Exclusively at Scrap Orchard

by Eileen

by Cindi

by Carrin

by Brittney

by Laura W.

And, no one guessed the store correctly, so I used Random.Org to choose 3 winners from the guesses. :)

1. $5 Bobbie
2. $2.50 Rebecca
3. $1 Candi

Please email me at laura @ simply-scraps dot net to claim your coupons! :)


Heather Greenwood said...


Tricia said...

SO exciting!!

Kiki Halbert said...

Awesome guest spot hun! Congrats!

Secret Garden said...

Awesomeness. Thanks and congrats on your guest spot!


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