Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can you guess where I'm guesting in June?

Post your guess (just one this time!) here in the comments by Wednesday 9pm CST.

I will put any correct guesses into a hat to win cash money to my guest shop!

1st name pulled: $5.00

2nd name pulled: $2.50

3rd name pulled: $1.00

Winners announced Thursday morning. Good luck!

**edited times because I'm a dweeb** ;)


Secret Garden said...

Is it Sweet Shoppe? Thanks for the chance, love the little peek there ;)

Rebecca said...

How about ScrapMatters? Thank you for the chance!

KayJay said...

hihi, coming over from Facebook!
I think it's Miss Tiina's store, cause of the writing you used!
Love the peek!

So~Inkin~Cute said...

I am going to say Miss matter where you go, that kit you just peeked for us looks AMAZING!!!! I WANT IT SOOOO BADLY! I JUST KNOW I DO! :)

Good luck to you!


Simona said...

I would say Sweet Shoppe. You kits are amazing!


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