Sunday, January 31, 2010

New masks & guess my guest store! :)

I have these nifty photo masks out at Elemental Scraps in the morning for this month's color play. Clip a paper, a photo or some glitter and you're good to go!

Here is a sample page from one of my CT members, Aimee!

Anyone want to take a stab at where I'll be guesting this month?? I was so tickled to be asked to guest at this store- it really matters to me! ;) Feel free to leave a guess here in the comments along with your email address and I'll choose a couple random winners for some coupons!

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Graham Like the Cracker said...


Jaya said...

I am thinking Scrapmatters too!! Good luck!!

the Okietoothfairy said...

Gotta go with ScrapMatters!

Bianca said...

LOL, my guess is Scrapmatters too :)

Teri said...

My first thought was ScrapMatters too LOL!

MandaK said...

Im with these ladies...Scrap Matters?


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