Friday, September 2, 2011

So much going on, it's insane!

It's just one of those weeks...there's so much going on you just want to RUN to Laura's store! First off, Scrap Orchard is having a Summer Rewind Sale, which means that any products Laura has in the sale are offered at their original release price of 20% off! So if you missed some new releases, go get them now! And that's not all. Not even close!

Did you know that she has not one, but TWO new kits out this week? One collab with Lita Designs and a new kit at Ninth and Bloom, where she is guesting for September.

Lucky Star is just the most amazing deep purple kit I've seen in a long time. It's fun and exciting, full of Laura's awesome doodles!

Let me tell you, I can see so many ways I'm going to be using this collab! And it comes with free stacks this week too! Crazy!

I've only included some layouts from the team, but you have to visit the gallery to see all their amazing work. There were too many gorgeous layouts to choose from.

I love Gemma's clustered white space layout. It just drew my eyes straight into the photo. Lots of drama in this layout!

I look at Kat's layout and think "Man that's too darn adorable"! Remember when we used to sleep like that and NOT wake with a kink in our necks? I just love the use of the patterned background!

Laura's layout is just perfection. I love the photo treatment she used to soften the photos and the clustering is just amazing. There's a lot going on, but the page doesn't look messy.

Holly's repeated a square theme here with not only the paper/photo cuts, but also the frame! Love it!

No photo? No problem! Carrie's layout shows off how a simple message can be framed with this gorgeous kit!

And Coila's letter to her younger self is a great message for all of us!

So get over to Scrap Orchard and Ninth and Bloom so that you can start to play with these gorgeous kits this Labor Day weekend! Have a fun long weekend!



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