Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Teamy Talk: Week 2 {Favorite Subject}

Hi all! First off, last week's random winner is...

Amber said:

"I'd have to say Back Off fits me pretty perfectly right now. I seem to be in a foul mood most of the time & just generally stressed out from caring for 2 small children 24 hours a day. I'd give just about anything for some quiet time alone!"

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July Teamy Talk: Week 2

{What is your favorite subject or theme to scrap and why?}

Livy said, "Not trying to self-centered but... me. My mom said it the other day that it's okay that I take a ton of pics of myself and that nearly every page is of me because 10, 20 years from now, I'll want to look back and see what I looked like and what I was thinking."

Carrin said, "My kids. Pictures are one thing, but scrapping them tells their story. I want the kids to be able to look back on all the books I have and have fond memories of their childhood."

Melissa said, "My nieces are my favorite subject to scrap. I want to preserve their story and childhood for them."

Amber said, "My boys are definitely my favorite subject! I want them to be able to look back when they are adults and see what their childhood was all about!"

Laura W. said, "I love to scrap my girls. Not the 'important' milestones, but the everyday stupid stuff we do."

Coila said, "My sweeties <3 I don't remember much of my childhood. I want my boys to remember and be able to look back at the things we did and times we shared together!"

Yolanda said, "My children. My own childhood photos, along with the stories they told, have been lost over the years. I feel I'm able to help my boys remember the events in their lives with my scrapbooking and that makes me super happy."

Brynn said, "Our family time together....the silly stuff that probably doesn't matter right now but someday I want my kids to know about. My mom died a month and 3 days after I turned 21. Before I was married or had kids of my own. There are so many things now that I wish I could ask her what we would do as a family when I was their age...but I can't. I don't want the little stuff, as trivial as it may be, to be lost."

Kat said, "My kids. I don't print off regular photos of them anymore because I love being able to read the story I journal on my scrap pages....I know they'll appreciate them when they're older. They already love looking at them!"

LeeAndra said, "I've always been a storyteller, and my favorite stories to tell are the ones that reveal my friends' and family's personalities and quirks, something that really defines them as 'them,' know what I mean? Even though this page has no picture, it has a story that I will giggle abt every time I tell my DD (and, hopefully, her children), and I <3 that."

Holly said, "My son... who for right now is the only child. I want him to remember how much fun we had just me and him. The goofy times and the rough times and for him to know that he always will be my lil man, even if there are siblings someday."

Jamie said, "My favorite subject to scrap is my kids, but more specifically, the every day moments that we capture!"

And finally, my favorite pages are the ones scrapped about special milestones or events. I haven't been much of an 'everyday photo' scrapper lately, it seems. I love pages that sort of reflect an 'old school' photo album, but with a very 'me' and modern feel.

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Lahni (queen.wild) said...

I love to scrap about my kids - just like most of your team! I do scrap about my extended family and myself (and my husband) occasionally but 95% of the time, it's my kids!

Shiya said...

I love to scrap about my family and the time we spend together, trips camping or just sitting in the back yard having a bbq, I want to remember what we've done and I love to make the "small things" seem so much bigger.

Jennifer said...

My favorite subject to scrap: my two boys. I love doing family pages, too, but most of my pictures are of either or both boys. I want to remember the little things they said, what they liked to do at various stages, etc. What better way than to make a page about it!

Crystal said...

I scrap my kids, too! I want them to remember all our crazy moments! And I live far from my family, so its a great way to share our everyday moments with my parents!

Nikki O said...

my favorite scrapping subjects are my kids -- this includes my two daughters, of course, but it also includes my drama team students. for my girls, i want to preserve their childhood days so they can look back and remember them. for the team, i scrap a slideshow for them every season, and it's so much fun to capture the fun we have each year.

chocochoco said...

I always love to scrap about my family so I can preserve the memories. And recently I scrap my little cousins. They have unique attraction and remind me how's a life supposed to be; fill it with joy and laughter.

Nikki said...

The kids and our every day. :)
Love learning about the team!!!!

LRaeWoo said...

I've always loved the idea of documenting every day life and kept a detailed calendar of events. When my kids were born I decided it was time to combine that calendar with the kajillion photos a took. So, I love to scrap about life in general. Life is so precious and with scrapping I feel like I can capture just a glimpse of the good, bad & ugly times in our lives.


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