Friday, July 8, 2011

Hey Girlfriend! Over here!

Hey girlfriends! Hope you are psyched up for a great weekend! I think everyone loves the weekends - time to relax, have a drink on the patio, get together with your BFFs. All the good stuff. Remember when weekends with your girlfriends meant sleepovers, painting your nails with funky colours that your mom would want you to take off the moment you got home? Remember the all-night movie marathon with the heart throb that made you think you would die if he wasn't in another movie? Yeah, those kind of weekends. The kind your daughter's having now? (Kinda scary, isn't it?) Well here's a kit for that. Laura's got a collab out this week with Boutique Cute Doll, called appropriately, Girlfriends! And if you get the kit this week, you get the word art free!

Check out this eye candy from the creative team. Melissa, aka the cluster queen, knows how to put it all together:

Coila's layout is all about keeping is simple (and beautiful):

I love how Jamie used the patterned backgrounds and tiny photos:

And Olivia always shows us her playful side:

Laura has an amazing eye for layering and keeping the eye focused on the picture:

And Carrin's large photo with the photo cluster just rocks!

Pick up the kit this weekend and scrap some of your sleepover pictures you have hanging around the house, or take the time to spend some time with your BFFs and scrap it!

***The winner of this release from this week's sneak peek is***

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thanks for the chance to win! shared on facebook :)

July 6, 2011 2:22 PM

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