Sunday, March 20, 2011

In the Spotlight: Heather

Name: Heather

Age: 25

Location: Houston, Texas

When you started digi-scrapping: November of 2009

How long you've been on the team: I'm kind of a noob. I've been on the team since I think Jan 1st of this year. I'll always remember the day LB and I fell in love. ;)

Fave LB kit: Inked Up has a very special place in my heart, But I find myself using Crabby Kid (with Jennifer Fox) over and over again.

Fave non-LB designer: No way. I can't choose just one! Any of the ones I get to CT for I love.... duh, I mean, that's why I CT for 'em.

Who else do you CT for: Well... lemmie do this alphabetically as to not offend. Allison Pennington, Jennifer Fox, Lauren Grier, Lauren Reid, The-Lilypad, Nikki Epperson, Ninth & Bloom, Queen of Hearts, and Sahlin Studio.

Random fact or tidbit about yourself: I compartmentalize anything and everything.

Thanks, Heather! :) One thing I really love about Heather's scrapping style is her attention to the text. She's a font designer over at The Lily-Pad, so I know she loves her some werdz! :) Check out a few of my favorite pages by Heather:

Using Inked Up



Simply Scraps