Friday, January 21, 2011

A grab bag NOT to miss! And a FWP you must have!

Oooh, this is an exciting post! Alright, you've already seen Laura's sneak of the grab bag she's got coming out today but wait until you see the layouts! Oh my word they are gorgeous. So sweet I want to eat them up!

Now, if you happen to have a momentary lapse of sanity and pass up the grab bag, the bag will be broken up after January 31st, so you can pick up Laura's part I said, if you've temporarily lost your noodle. I mean who would want to pass up a grab bag that produces layouts like these?

From Christine

From Nikki

From Yolanda

From Carrin

and Laura's also got this beauty in store today. When you buy Fangirl Scream until January 28th, you get the Scribbly Splats free!

Now if that's not enough of an incentive to get you over to The Orchard now, then check out these layouts for inspiration.

From Carly

From Sally

So get over to Scrap Orchard and pick these up. You need them, admit it. You know you do! As usual, the images are linked to the store to make it super easy for you to find them and get them today. Have a great weekend!



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