Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Is Halloween & What I Am

I love to work with all different styles of scrapbooking kits, and this one is a bit spooky but still fun. This Is Halloween is inspired by all the things I love about Halloween. The mystery, the darkness and a little bit of grunge tossed in.

This Is Halloween

by Laura

by Sya

by Sally

by Christine

by Carrin

The winner from yesterday's 'costume contest' is Bobbie! Congrats, I'll be messaging you soon with your prize info. :)

Cute, right? I loved how the photo included leaves ;)

What I Am
w/Litabells Designs

Lita and Laura have teamed up again! This time, we're bringing you something a bit lighter on the emo scale, What I Am. We all need to remember that no matter how hard we are on ourselves, all we can do is our best.

by Caits

by Carly

by Laura

Have a great weekend! <3


Bobbie said...

Awesome, you rock! Thanks, Laura ♥


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