Saturday, May 8, 2010

Take It Back for GGI and Mommy's Boys w/Shawna Clingerman at SSD

Happy Saturday! Hope all the mommies (and mummies ;) ) out there are having a nice Mother's Day weekend! I have a few things to show you today...

Mommy's Boys
collab w/Shawna Clingerman
20% off today

It's a special club of sorts. Moms of boys everywhere are joined by that extra wonderful feeling we all know: the amazing way that a little boy loves his mommy. Shawna and I both have multiple little guys (she has four!) so this kit was really fun to work on with her :)

page by Heather

card by Sally

page by Laura

page by me-cute kid, right?! ;)

Now on to my Gotta Grab It items at Gotta Pixel:

I think the easiest advice to give but the hardest to take is to live without regret. Are there things in your life that you regret? That you wish you could take back?

Take It Back {Papers}
$1 until 5/12

page by me

page by Lita

page by Holly

page by Carrin



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