Sunday, September 20, 2009

So.busy. the title says, I've been oober ;) busy this week making all kinds of plans, products, adjustments, teddy bear floats... wha? Not everyone makes teddy bear floats? :P My six year old's kindergarten teacher asked us to create a float together for their Teddy Bear Parade. I was totally blown away by some of them that we saw, but ours was pretty cool, too. :) And I didn't even use digi stuff to decorate! It was alllll him. :) Check out my personal blog (link in the 'are you lost' section) for pics coming soon. :)

Anysnooch- just wanted to check in...don't forget about me! ;) I've got a ton going on right now...all exciting stuff, and also trying to stay afloat IRL. Until next time! ;)

p.s. I've decided to do a monthly newsletter, as it seemed to creep up on me every time ;) So I'll either do a monthly, or when something really big happens....may want to watch out for that ;)



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