Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New look, {the news} and no internet :P

Thanks to all that signed up for my very first newsletter! Super excited about sharing my comings and goings with everyone :) If there is anything you would ever be interested in seeing in the newsletter, feel free to let me know! Drop me a line right here, in the chat box, or email me at laura @ simply-scraps dot net. :)

HUGE thank you to Sara Bonds at Subjective Beauty for prettying up my blog! Sara was super professional, and did a rockin' job, don't you think!? If you like what you see, check her out at or by clicking at the bottom of the page near the credits :)

Lastly- my internet is out at the moment, and I'm not sure when it'll be back up....but I will keep on creating ;) and check in when I can...I just may not have my releases out as planned this week, as I'm unable to upload them to the store. Hold tight! I'll figure something out :)

Until next time.... :)


So~Inkin~Cute said...

I wanted to drop in and say THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for the beautiful freebie kit that was enclosed in your first newsletter!!! I am so glad to be on your mailing list and I look forward to buying MANY of your products in the near future!


Lindsay said...

BOOOO - no internet :(


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